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Sizzling Wax Therapy and Magnificence Bath

Are there aches and aches and pains in the joints of your hands? Do you have rough, dry or cracked hands or foot? If you have either condition, a "Hot Polish Bath" may be the ideal answer for you. It is relaxing, calming and conditioning.

What is a "Hot Wax Bath"? It is merely a warmed container of specially developed wax. The vessel automatically melts the wax when you turn it on. It keeps the wax tart at a safe temp for your sensitive pores and skin. As soon as the wax (paraffin) is melted, you dip your hand or foot into the container of dissolved wax. Then you move your hand out and let it dry a moment and continue doing this process five to ten times.

After this process has been repeated you will have a hand covered in layers of warm wax. You then put your hand into a plastic bag that comes with the wax. This kind of protects against oils in the wax making clothing or furniture. Next, you put your hand into a terry cloth mitt or wrap it in a towel. You can do two hands or perhaps one at a time.

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How ways can you relax for quarter-hour? Set on some soft music. Light a few candle lights. Start heating your aromatherapy dish of fragrance. Have on a Paraffin Wax Baths soothing hot bath. Just relax in your chosen chair with your eyes closed while the wax works its magic.

A daily treatment of hot paraffin on your hands and feet will do you a global of good physically and psychologically. It really is a treatment that can calm the skin and quiet the soul.

Once you are done, peel the wax away from your hands and put it again in the wax container to melt and use again. If this was in a remedy or beauty shop situation, you might want to discard the used wax. However since this is your personal wax tart unit, why not recycle the wax each time? You did wash your hands before starting, did not you? Discard or recycle, it is up to you.

You may get the feel melting pot and wax tart at major department stores such as Wal-Mart or even your local drug-store store. They come in several sizes and price runs. Different companies make them. Two brands are Doctor. Scholl's and Homedics. You can get a home unit that holds 3 pounds or 6 pounds of wax. The greater unit is better to put hands and feet into or even an knee.

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